The Knights

The competitors are altogether extremely well trained riders and fighters, who are experts in this field. One of the riders, for instance, is also committed to this theme in his civil life. With a PhD for his internationally acclaimed work in arms and armour research, with a focus on the medieval and renaissance tournament material, as well as weapons and armour from this particular period.

Turniermeister (Tournament master) Wolfgang Krischke:

Grand authentic knightly tournament in Sankt Wendel - Turniermeister (Tournament master) Wolfgang KrischkeThe Riding Master in the Princely school for riding art in Bückeburg has sat in many a saddle in his 40 year long career, and has been inspired by many styles of riding and breeds of horses, until he specialized himself in 1990 in Historical riding and art- and warhorse breeds. Together with his wife, Christin Krischke, he achieved the level of riding in the style of medieval, renaissance and Baroque riding so that it can now be taught at the Princely School to rider and steed.

It is thanks to Wolfgang that exercises like Terre-a-terre, Passaden and Sarabanden can be demonstrated and learned and that countless preconceptions and myths about the history of riding and horses can be dispelled.

As 'Turniermeister' it is up to him to guard over all rules and in particular to guarantee the horsemanship and chivalry in the contest which he will preside over as judge. For this task he will bring his best horse: Raisulih el Hadi.

Luke Binks

Grand authentic knightly tournament in Sankt Wendel - Luke BinksLuke Binks is Australian born and bred with a life long passion for Knights and the middle ages. Wanting to learn more than he could read in books, Luke started to make armour, learn to fight and ride horses in 2002.

By the following year Luke was competing in his first joust. Since then Luke has competed in tournaments in over 10 different countries across the globe in search of like minded people and the ultimate pass with a lance.

Dr. Tobias Capwell

Grand authentic knightly tournament in Sankt Wendel - Dr. Tobias CapwellAn internationally-acknowledged expert on medieval and Renaissance arms and armour, Tobias Capwell has been competing in major international jousts and tournaments for nearly twenty years. Recently he has participated in events in the UK, USA, Switzerland, Denmark and Australia. Originally from the United States, Toby has been resident in the UK since 1996, where he has relentlessly pursued his passion for chivalric culture, both in the library and on the back of a horse

When not roaming the world as a 'knight errant', Toby is Curator of Arms and Armour at the „Wallace Collection” London, which includes one of the world's great collections of medieval and Renaissance weapons and armour.

He is the author of numerous books and articles on the fascinating subjects of knights, armour, weapons art and horsemanship. He also appears regularly on television as a documentary presenter and interviewee.

Petter Ellingsen

Grand authentic knightly tournament in Sankt Wendel - Petter EllingsenPetter Ellingsen is 37 yrs old and lives with his girlfriend and 3 kids on a small farm outside Oslo in Norway.

He currently has his own company, Ridderhest, which specializes in horses for Film, television and events. Petter started to ride at the age of 24 just to be able to start jousting.

He has competed internationally since 2002 and has jousted in 11 different countries around the world, both with balsa and solid lances.

Joram van Essen

Grand authentic knightly tournament in Sankt Wendel - Joram van EssenNew Zealand born Joram van Essen, teacher and amateur historian, has had a lifetime interest in Historical Martial and Equestrian pursuits. He moved to the Netherlands in 1999 where he was a founding member of the Foundation Historical Education Initiative (Stichting HEI) that was started in 2000 to promote Historical Education in the Netherlands. An avid jouster he has competed at the international jousts at the Royal Armouries in Leeds, England, where he won the world individual championship in 2003 and the world team championships in 2003 and 2005, amongst many other jousts around the world.

Joram’s philosophy is that jousting is an Art, which requires training, dedication and team work between horse and rider.

Jason Kingsley

Grand authentic knightly tournament in Sankt Wendel - Jason KingsleyJason has been riding since he was 9 years old. In show jumping he was an international competitor and was in the oxford university and British student riding teams.

He then went on to play polo for about 5 years before he found a passion for swords and jousting and even went to the extent to found a stud farm near oxford with the ambition to breed warhorses.

In his professional life he is the owner of Rebellion group, a group of companies that makes computer games, and publishes comics and books.

Arne Koets

Grand authentic knightly tournament in Sankt Wendel - Arne KoetsArne has been interested in military history as long as he can remember. At the tender age of 16 he started swordfighting and in 2000 was one of the founding members of the stichting historisch educatief initiatief, a foundation promoting education through living history.

In 2001 started riding and rode his first joust in spring 2002. This lauched his jousting carreer and he was a member of the winning ‘Burgundians’ team in 2003 and 2005 at the prestigious Sword of honour tournament. In 2004 he turned full time jouster and in 2006 moved to the Royal armouries in Leeds to work as a full time jouster and cavalry display rider. In 2007 he won the ‘Queens golden jubilee trophy’. In 2009 he moved back to Holland to work at the Royal dutch army museum as a project manager and continued his work as a jouster,swordfighter, fight choreographer. In 2011 he moved to Germany to work at the Fürstliche Hofreitschule in Bückeburg as the Kurator for the pre barock period, and joining their riding team. He has ridden in over 1500 shows in a dozen countries on three continents in his career.

Ivar Mauritz-Hansen

Grand authentic knightly tournament in Sankt Wendel - Ivar Mauritz-HansenIvar Mauritz-Hansen is all about the adrenalin of combat, the skill of riding and fighting and the favor of the laidies.

He began training olympic fencing at the age of 9 and later changed caliber from the épée to the longsword, pollaxe and lance.

Ivar has competed in many shows and competitions in Norway and abroad in northern Europe both on foot and on his horse.

His riding career dates back to 2006 breaking his first lance in 2008.

Per Estein Prøis-Røhjell

Grand authentic knightly tournament in Sankt Wendel - Per Estein Prøis-RøhjellPer and his wife run a riding school in Norway. Their appetites for the history of horseback fighting has led them to various places sometimes astray, but Per have now found a path that leads toward the goal of being a realistically good mounted knight!

He learns from a few different powers; Bückeburg, he has trained with Arthur Kottas Heldenberg of the Spanish Riding school in Wien, and trains regularly with a Portuguese bullfighter and Working Equitation world champion.

He finds that this mix gives him a deep insight in from several different angles - hopefully it will make him dangerous on the field of battle as well!

Dominic Sewell

Grand authentic knightly tournament in Sankt Wendel - Dominic SewellAfter setting up Destrier, in 1996, Mike Loades and Toby Capwell gave Dominic the opportunity to start jousting in 2000.

In 2001 he was invited to form a Destrier team and led it for five years as leader and Chairman. Dominic continues to train his own horses for events and has been made a member of the “Order of the Crescent”.

He is most excited by joining up with his old comrades to produce the best jousting in the world.

Graham Turner

Grand authentic knightly tournament in Sankt Wendel - Graham TurnerGraham Turner, ‘The Jousting Artist’, is well known for his paintings of our medieval past, with examples of his work appearing in history books and on the walls of historians and collectors worldwide.

He took part in his first joust with Destrier in 2004, and since then has jousted at many evocative and prestigious venues, including the Tower of London and the two week long tournament held at the Historisches Museum in Bern in 2006.

In 2010, riding his own horse, he won the prestigious ”Queen’s Golden Jubilee Trophy” at the Royal Armouries.

Alex van Zijl

Grand authentic knightly tournament in Sankt Wendel - Alex van ZijlAlex van Zijl started riding in 1985 and tried dressage and schooljumping but found that jousting is far more challenging.

Started swordfighting in 2004 and has been riding medieval shows since 2005. Alex studied veterinaiy sience and then had plenty of time to train horses for jousting.

Alex is owner of a veterinairy practice in the Netherlands.

Andreas Wenzel

Grand authentic knightly tournament in Sankt Wendel - Andreas WenzelTo experience what the medieval warrior has experienced has been Andreas’ aim for more than ten years. This has lead him to study the sabre at one of Germany’s oldest fencing clubs, learn and teach the art of sword play through all medieval periods, learn how to ride horses, and train with axes, hammers, glaives and bills.

After moving from Franconian Aschaffenburg to England Andreas became part of Destrier, Europe’s leading medieval mounted display team, jousted with solid lances, and commanded a cavalry unit at Europe’s largest battle re-enactment at Hastings 2006.

Andreas participates in tournaments and competitions all over the world. His most important successes include the individual championship at the Tournament of the Phoenix 2010 in San Diego/USA and the team championship at the Tournois du Lys d'Argent 2011 in Montreal/Canada.

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